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Our vision is for citizens of all ages to say they would rather live here than anywhere else.

Interested? Then join us. You have something to offer. The goals are fluid, always being updated and added to. We are eager to hear your ideas.

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Goals 2021/2022

Domain Coordinator:

Marianne Jackson ()

Goal #1:  Develop/enhance the relationship of OLLI and the Gibson Center and assist them in promoting speaker series opportunities to benefit all ages in MWV. Note – developing a relationship with OLLI was a completed goal from 2020. This expands the goal.

Goal #2: Create town specific “Helpful Links” website service directories and establish email exchanges, replicating the Freedom Bulletin Board, Tamworth Exchange, Madison Boulder, etc. models for all 12 towns as desired by them. This will be accessible through the MWV Age Friendly link on the Gibson Center website and other sites as desired.

Goal #3:  Update and standardize the Senior Resource Kiosk prototype in the Conway Public Library and replicate it in 4 more libraries. The goal incorporates having it be accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive. The kiosk could be a designated shelf area. The kiosk was a completed goal from 2020.

Goal #4: Update the Resource Guide we prepared in 2020; make it available and well known throughout the 11 NH communities in MWV using every mechanism for distribution and posting, electronic and print where appropriate. Develop linkages with each Town, Agency, Service Link and the Gibson Center. Note – developing this Resource Guide was a completed goal from 2019

Goal #5: Assist the other MWV Age Friendly working groups in communicating information about and achieving their goals.

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Our Mission: The Gibson Center for Senior Services provides the Mt. Washington Valley with programs and services that enrich the lives of seniors and foster connection, joy and purpose. Make a donation to support us to achieve our mission and goals.

Our Vision: The Gibson Center for Senior Services will be the preeminent organization in the Mt. Washington Valley for activities, services, resources, and advocacy dedicated to aging in place with dignity, respect and value.

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