Community Connections

Gibson Center Coordinator: Charlie Macomber

Goal #1:  Foster more inter-generational relationships with educational institutions 

  • Specific: There are (or have been programs) that have existed in our local schools over the years. We need to identify the current programs in several schools that offer mentoring, tutoring, after school coaching, etc., and build on them and develop new ones.
  • Initial Ideas: Programs with Children Unlimited, Bartlett, Freedom, Madison, and  Tamworth Elementary Schools

Goal #2:  To set up town specific service directories and establish email exchanges, replicating the Freedom model (and Tamworth Exchange, Madison Boulder, etc.) for all 11 towns

  • Enlist someone in each town to create a listing of services available in the town similar to that in Freedom and to create a town bulletin board or email exchange similar to those in Freedom or Tamworth, Jackson, Eaton, and Madison.  Make subscription to these lists available to all

Goal #3:  Explore streamlining the vetting process of volunteers across Valley agencies and non-profits

  • Identify the organizations that have a need for volunteers (e.g. RSVP, schools, Gibson Center, theater companies, etc.), then document their process, the reasons for their process (legal, insurance, etc.) and how the volunteers are used.  Identify the vendors used and their costs.  Seek synergies

 Goal #4:  Enhance the service/resource lists maintained by ServiceLink Aging and Disability Resource Center and develop linkages with each Town and the Gibson Center

  • Enlist someone in each town and from our Healthcare Coalition to coordinate with 211, who provides information to ServiceLink, to review the listing of resources available to the region and to investigate how to create linkages between ServiceLink and the Town Offices and Gibson Center.  ServiceLink can also have the towns’ directories of resources for referrals See Goal #2.  See also Goal #1 in Health – 211 Day

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