Gibson Center Coordinator: Marianne Jackson, MD

Goal #1:  “211 Day”   Upgrade 211 information about local services

  • Create a list of local relevant agencies and target a specific day or week and person to upgrade their service information on the 211 site.
  • Start with those agencies that are presently on the site. Using our contacts through C3PH, Care Transitions team at Memorial, Healthcare Coalition, Gibson Center, and this Age-Friendly Community, identify as many services as possible to upload to 211.

 Goal #2:  Age Friendly Walkable Trails – Collaboration with Memorial Hospital 100 Days of Wellness

  • The initial list of most walkable trails in all 11 towns from the Outdoor Spaces working group will be incorporated into the Memorial Hospital Population Health 100 Days of Wellness Campaign kicking off May 1-August 9.  This invites all age groups and abilities to walk the trails, obtaining double points if all 11 are completed.

Goal #3:  Expand Inter-generational Music and Memory Program

  • Use and expand the existing Music and Memory program that pairs youth with seniors (presently at Merriman House) to interview the elder to learn their favorite music to be downloaded into donated MP3, SanDisk or ipod players for the senior’s use.  See

Goal#4:  Increase the utilization of the REAP in-home mental health services from Northern Human Services.  (Referral, Education, Assistance, Prevention)

  • Create promotional & educational opportunities for the REAP counselor to spread awareness. We can use our various organizations and partner with the police “Good Morning” programs, Meals on Wheels, our libraries, Community Connections, 211, etc.

Goal #5:  Reach capacity of the “Project Good Morning” (Conway PD) and “Good Morning” County Sheriff’s department

  • We will partner with our local police and sheriff departments to maximize utilization and awareness in all 10 NH towns. Explore what is available in Fryeburg.

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