Gibson Center Coordinator: Marianne Jackson, MD

Goal #1:  Create an Accessory Dwelling Unit town-by-town Guide

  • Complete a town by town comparison of the zoning, size restrictions, parking, septic/sewer, attached vs. detached and other characteristics of allowable ADUs under the 2016 ADU New Hampshire law.
  • Implement a comprehensive plan for pushing the information out to communities and homeowners

 Goal #2:  Create a Directory and Resource guide for people seeking subsidized housing

  • Develop a current list of the affordable subsidized housing options, their managers’ contact and their restrictions; make this guide available across the Valley

 Goal #3:  Create HomeShare MWV-Gibson

  • Complete the legal, policy, application, interview and handbook documents for successful HomeShare based on other USA models. Enlist the Advisory Group (Done!)  Secure the insurance binder. Create the budget, PR program and website and choose vendor for background checks.

 Goal #4:  Develop recommendations for zoning improvement to allow more diverse housing units to meet the current needs of citizens

  • Jackson Home Opportunities Matter has submitted a warrant article that would allow increased density.  Conway also has a warrant article for the March Town Meeting.  Fryeburg has a proposal for the Town Meeting in June to provide senior housing in the Snow School.  We will follow closely the results of the Town Meetings and continue to work to modify and resubmit as necessary. Replicate where possible.

Goal #5:  Develop NH State and local Town Legislation to incentivize long-term rentals

  • Start with background information, research, data, to be able to propose language for presentation to the legislators after April 1. Combine incentives for long-term rental with density improvements.
  • Potential Ideas: Consider legislative alterations to Tenant/Landlord laws; Tenant 101 courses with certification; Construction property tax abatement for 10 years on ADU or other long-term rental units remaining under same ownership -non-transferable.

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