Steering Committee Members

Gibson Center MWV Age-Friendly Steering Committee Members

Town Name
Albany Jen Spofford
Madison John Aruda
Eaton Ele Border
Jackson Barb Campbell
Jackson Emily Benson
Freedom Renee Wheaton
Freedom Rick Davidson
Tamworth Trish Chaput
Bartlett Vicki Garland
Bartlett Annette Libby
Fryeburg Katie Haley
Fryeburg Greg Huang Dales
Fryeburg Janice Crawford
Chatham Sue Crowley
Hart’s Location John Gallagher
Ossipee Patricia Pustell
Ossipee Edwina Boose
Conway Mary Carey Seavey
Organization Name
NCCC Phil Quellette
VNHCH Sandy Ruka
Memorial Hospital Carrie Burkett
SAU 9 Virginia Schrader
Regional Collaborative Theresa Kennett
Clergy Gail Doktor
Libraries David Smolen
MWV Chamber Michelle Cruz
Service Link Martha Johnston
C3PH Caleb Gilbert
Ossipee Roundtable Joy Gagnon
Gibson Center Marianne Jackson
Gibson Center Charlie Macomber

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Our Mission: The Gibson Center for Senior Services provides the Mt. Washington Valley with programs and services that enrich the lives of seniors and foster connection, joy and purpose. Make a donation to support us to achieve our mission and goals.

Our Vision: The Gibson Center for Senior Services will be the preeminent organization in the Mt. Washington Valley for activities, services, resources, and advocacy dedicated to aging in place with dignity, respect and value.

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