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The mission of the Gibson Center for Senior Services is to offer programs that enable seniors in New Hampshire's Northern Carroll County to live independently and actively, with purpose and dignity. Make a donation to support us to achieve our mission and goals. Why support us?

The Gibson Center

Proudly Serving Senior Citizens

The Gibson Center for Senior Services is a non-profit corporation providing services to senior citizens of Northern Carroll County since 1979. Our goal is to enable seniors to remain in their homes, while maintaining a high level of independence and quality of life through the offering of an evolving array of programs and services. Our programs are designed to serve the needs of these active and passive senior residents through nutrition programs (home delivery, congregate meals and nutrition education), transportation programs for the elderly and disabled to help meet their daily living needs, social and educational programs to enable them to stay actively involved in their communities with purpose and dignity, and referral and networking programs with related community service agencies.

Greetings from The Director

I love this time of year.  I hate to see summer go but if what it means is we slide into this crisp, colorful season, let it be.

Recently I was asked to provide the message at the Unitarian Universalist Church.  My theme was prayer which is a complicated one for me but it became very simple.  I stole my thoughts from Anne Lamott who wrote a whole book on prayer called “Help, Thanks, Wow!”

I got so much more out of writing the message than anyone there will retain, I’m sure, and it resonates with me on a day like today when I have struggled with some thorny problems, had some remarkable wins and have been jolted out of my own sorry headspace by the spectacular.  Last week out of the blue I tested positive for COVID-19, long after I had somehow convinced myself that it would pass me by.  No sir.  It was no worse than a bad head cold and cough thanks to the vaccines, but the fatigue just doesn’t suit my style.  So – “Help.”  And Help I have had from incredible staff, friends, professionals who think creatively and family who said – your turn to slow down.

So – “Thanks” to those who pitched in and for the fact that I live in a world with remedies and where I am cared for.  A practice I learned many years ago is the “Three Good Things.” Each night before you go to sleep:1. Think of three good things that happened today.2. Write them down.3. Reflect on why they happened.

If you don’t have time, the short version is to say “Thanks.”

And “Wow.”  For all the things that are bigger than me, brighter than my crayons, more subtle than a whisper, as delicious as Weston’s corn, as uplifting as a great sentence.  “Wow” does not have to be held in reserve but can be applied liberally to all those, gasp, heart-skipping moments of joy or wonder.

Here at the Gibson Center we hope we bring all of you assistance when you need and generous moments of delight.  Read on.

Marianne Jackson, MD
Executive Director

October Lunch Menu & Hours

Mon - Fri 11:30am to 12:15pm

Fruit Cup and Milk Available Daily

* Menu subject to change without notice *

Our Community Reviews...


The nutrition staff has met all of my requests.  The meals are delivered on time every day.  The drivers are all polite and courteous.

Senior Citizen

Congregate meals feed the body and soul. It’s good to share mealtimes with old friends and new.

Senior Citizen

We really appreciate all the people who cook and deliver. I was a cook and was able to provide good home meals into my 80’s. At 87 years, it is so good for me to only have to cook occasionally.

Happy Senior

Since I went o Meals on Wheels I have stopped losing weight. I get a variety of meats and vegetables and have better health than before….I also enjoy talking to the drivers. Thank you.

Happy Senior

I don’t know what I would have done without Meals on Wheels. I don’t see anyone from 5:00 AM ’til late afternoon except the driver who brings my lunch in, brings me a newspaper, takes any mail I have ready, checks on me and always asks if I need anything

Happy Senior

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