1) How many people live there?

This is probably the question we get the most. The answer is that no one lives in our North Conway offices; at least no one of whom we’re aware. What little space we don’t use is rented to other non-profit organizations. We also rent the northwest corner of our property to the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce for their information booth. We DO provide housing at Silver Lake Landing in Madison.

2) How much do you charge for meals and transportation?

The answer is simple: nothing. The government funding we receive requires that we do not charge. HOWEVER, that funding does NOT come close to covering our costs. Therefore we suggest a donation of $3 a meal and $5 a trip on the bus.

3) What if I can’t afford to give anything?

That is perfectly okay. A “suggested donation” is a voluntary donation and we make sure that the donation process for meals and bus service is anonymous.

4) Who is eligible to receive services?

“Eligible” generally means you are 60 or better, a spouse/caregiver, or disabled (for some programs). If you have any question, please call the Nutrition Office.

5) Are there income restrictions/requirements to receive meals or transportation services?

No, for 99% of our programs. We do provide Title XX Meals for people in need that meet income guidelines, but that is only a tiny part of the meals we serve. Please call the Nutrition Office with questions.

6) Are you a senior day care center?

No. We are not licensed, nor do we have the staff to offer such a service.

Here are some Carroll County options:

  • Mount Washington Valley Adult Day Center 603-356-4980
  • adult respite care is available in Wolfeboro, NH
  • or by private arrangement with individuals.

7) I’m on a special diet. Can I still come in for meals or get meals at home?

Absolutely. The Nutrition Office will take all the necessary information.

How you're Helping

Miles driven by our buses per year for our patrons' medical appointments, trips & more.21,000Meals On Wheels and Congregate Dinning Meals served per year.45,000Miles per year driven by Meals On Wheels volunteers.43,000Free laptops & Samsung tablets given away with 250 hours of computer skills training.55
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