Gibson Center Strategic Plan
September 2020- December 2021

Mission Statement

The Gibson Center for Senior Services provides the Mt. Washington Valley with programs and services that enrich the lives of seniors and foster connection, joy and purpose.


The Gibson Center for Senior Services will be the preeminent organization in the Mt. Washington Valley for activities, services, resources, and advocacy dedicated to aging in place with dignity, respect and value.


  • We are welcoming and inclusive to all.
  • We promote respect, care, and compassion.
  • We are service-oriented and collaborative.
  • We aspire to bring joy and connection to all that we do.

Goals for 2020-2021. Through our enhanced programs, transportation, nutrition, volunteer options and thrift store operations, we will:

1. Touch more lives

We aim to reach and include more seniors, including young active seniors, homebound seniors, our loyal Gibson participants, as well as families with multiple generations.

2. Cast a wider net

We aim to expand our impact beyond our customary geographic boundaries. We aim to include residents of Western Maine and southern Carroll County via direct services or collaborative relationships with providers in their area.

3. Create a vibrant and inclusive image

Using reframing and openness to change, we aim to create a more vibrant and positive image of all activities associated with the Gibson Center so that all feel welcome and eager to participate. We will examine every aspect of our organization to look for opportunities to upgrade the expectations of the public of our offerings

4. Create a strong financial foundation through development, marketing and fundraising

We will expand our base of support, widen our options for giving, promote the Gibson Center with pride at every opportunity, and show deep appreciation for everyone who makes the Gibson Center exceptional.

How you're Helping

Miles driven by our buses per year for our patrons' medical appointments, trips & more.21,000Meals On Wheels and Congregate Dinning Meals served per year.45,000Miles per year driven by Meals On Wheels volunteers.43,000Free laptops & Samsung tablets given away with 250 hours of computer skills training.55
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