Gibson Center Bus Service

What We Do

We provide on-demand door-to-door transportation for persons 60 and older and/or with disabilities in Conway, Bartlett, Madison, Eaton, Albany and Jackson for non-emergency medical, nutritional, employment and daily living needs.

One bus generally runs Monday-Friday (except holidays or in inclement weather), from approximately 7:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Check WMWV 93.5 FM, WMUR Channel 9 or for cancellations.

Gibson Center Bus Service
Sharon – The Bus Driver

How Do I Get a Ride?

  • Call 356-3231 and speak with the receptionist. If you have a disability, let us know ahead of time. We will work to accommodate your needs. We schedule with at least 24-hour notice, but IF we can squeeze you in last minute, we will make every effort to do so. Our goal is to serve the greatest number of passengers within our service area.
  • Schedules may change daily, depending on requests, locations, seasonal traffic patterns, construction and other factors.
  • You should expect to possibly be dropped off early for appointments and picked up later, since there are other riders on the bus and this is NOT a dedicated taxi service. There may be times when you have to wait. Pick up and drop off time ranges may vary. Please let us know ahead of time if you need to cancel or have any kind of change.
  • We ask that you be ready for pick up at the agreed time range so that we can keep to our schedule and not inconvenience other riders. Our drivers will call you when they are in route.

How Much Does it Cost?

  • We do not charge a fee, but suggest an anonymous voluntary donation of $5.00 per trip.
  • You may donate more, less, or not at all according to your self-determined ability to pay.
  • We don’t “keep track” of individual accounts.
  • You will be given a donation envelope when you board. Any donations should be put directly into the locked donation box.
  • Drivers are NOT allowed to take any tips or presents.

Vehicle Operations:

  • Your driveway/road must be safely accessible for our bus.
  • All passengers MUST wear seat belts.
  • NO smoking in vehicles.
  • Opened alcoholic containers are not allowed. Per NH RSA, consumption of alcoholic beverages in the bus is not allowed. Closed/unopened alcoholic containers are ok if inaccessible.
  • Only service animals (specially trained, not pet, companion or therapy) are allowed in bus.
Gibson Center Bus Service
Bus Service Mon- Fri from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm

What if I Need Assistance?

  • The driver will open/close van door, and assist you on/off (if needed) and help secure seat belts (if needed).
  • The driver must secure packages, boxes, bags, walkers, canes, wheelchairs, etc.
  • The driver cannot enter a residence.
  • You (or your attendant) should be able to carry your own items. The driver is not expected nor required to haul heavy packages or items, but may assist with light items.
  • Passengers must be independently mobile (either on foot or in wheelchair), or travel with an attendant.
  • The driver cannot act as a medical or physical attendant.
  • The driver will load/unload wheelchair passengers and properly secure them.

Medical Emergencies/Accidents/Acceptable Behavior:

  • In a medical emergency, the driver will stop the vehicle safely and call dispatch immediately with location and details. Dispatch will call 911 for assistance. The driver may administer first aid if necessary, only if trained (which is not required).
    In an accident or vehicle emergency: remain calm, follow the driver’s directions and assist if requested.
  • Adequate personal hygiene and acceptable behavior are required. Anyone appearing to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be refused service. Objectionable, abusive or threatening language and/or behavior will not be tolerated and will lead to suspension of service

Gibson Center for Senior Services Inc. will make reasonable modifications to its policies and procedures upon request.  This information/brochure is available in alternative formats upon request.

Gibson Center for Senior Services, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national origin in accordance with the Title VI Act of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Complaints may be directed to:
Executive Director of the Gibson Center,
PO Box 655,
N. Conway NH 03860.

Phone: 603-356-3231

How you're Helping

Miles driven by our buses per year for our patrons' medical appointments, trips & more.21,000Meals On Wheels and Congregate Dinning Meals served per year.45,000Miles per year driven by Meals On Wheels volunteers.43,000Free laptops & Samsung tablets given away with 250 hours of computer skills training.55
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