Program Date: 2/1/2024 & 2/15/2024

John Williams Scores; Winter Movie Series

John Williams Scores

First and third Thursday after lunch, during winter.

  • February 1st Harry Potter: The Sorcerers Stone;
  • February 15th Sabrina.
Program Date: 2/8/2024

Craft with Elaine

Join us after lunch on Thursday the 8th, for a craft with Elaine. Please sign up, as space is limited.

Program Date: 2/9/2024

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Friday the 9th we will celebrate Chinese New Year. We will say farewell to the year of the Rabbit, and welcome the year of the Dragon! The year of the dragon is the fifth of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, and it symbolizes power, nobleness, honor, luck and success. If you were born in 1964, 1952, 1940, or 1928, you were born in the year of the dragon. Chef Dave will create a special meal for this day, and we will each receive a Chinese Fortune!

Program Date: 2/12/2024

Puzzle Party

White Mountain Puzzles

On Monday the 12th, we will host a Puzzle Party, where teams of 4 will have 90 minutes to assemble a 500 piece puzzle. All teams will have the same puzzle for an even challenge. There are still spaces available. The cost is $10 for the team of 4, and the team gets to keep the puzzle. Please sign up, as the puzzles need to be ordered.

Program Date: 2/13/2024

Mardi Gras


Tuesday the 13th is the end of the Festival Season, and is celebrated with parades, and parties. New Orleans is famous for it’s Mardi Gras festivities. People wear the Mardi Gras colors of purple, gold, and green, some dress in costumes, and some wear elaborate masks and/or beads. You are invited to join the festivities, wearing the colors, beads, masks or costumes! Chef Dave will create a traditional New Orleans meal for our Mardi Gras festival. We will play jazz from the Preservation Jazz Hall, and people who want may parade through the dining room.

Program Date: 2/14/2024

Nancy Cavalieri CFE Forensic Accountant

Wednesday the 14th, after lunch, Nancy Cavalieri CFE Forensic Accountant, will make a presentation about Elder and Probate Accounting, a new service she is offering. She will bring up several things most people don’t think about, until it is too late. This is a paid sales presentation.

Program Date: Every Friday

Fridays in Lent

Chef Dave and the kitchen crew will offer a meatless option on Fridays during Lent. Please request the special meal by the end of lunch on Wednesday, so the kitchen has enough special meals to complement the regular menu items.

Program Date: 2/19/2024

President’s Day - Closed

Monday the 19th, the Gibson Center will be closed for President’s Day.

Program Date: 2/26/2024


Monday the 26th we will play BINGO. Please bring an item for the prize table.

Program Date: 2/27/2024

Gibson Center Book Club

The Amber Room

Tuesday the 27th the Gibson Center Book Club will meet to discuss their latest book The Amber Room by Steve Berry.

Program Date: 2/28/2024

Red Parka Pub

Red Parka Pub

Wednesday the 28th, the dining room will be closed, although Meals on Wheels will be delivered. People who have made reservations will be heading to the Red Parka Pub for lunch.

Program Date: 2/29/2024

Leap Year Day

Thursday the 29th is Leap Year Day, aka Sadie Hawkins day, we are trying to line up an instructor for a Line Dance after lunch. Plan to stay and listen to music, and dance a bit too!

Program Date: Coming in March

Save These Dates

  • Pi(e) Day Auction, March 14 (3.14), bake on the 13th.
  • Valley Promotion Valley Ms. is there a lady who believes in the Gibson Center that would like to represent us at the Valley Ms? Sunday March 17th, see Jill for more information.
  • Easter Lunch, March 28th
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