Memorials and Tributes

Over its lifetime the Gibson Center has meant so much to so many. We have fun, bring joy, connection and purpose to everyone who comes our way. If the Gibson Center has held a special place in the heart of someone you have known and loved, we urge you to make your gift to honor that person.

Tell us that your donation is intended to call out how special the Gibson Center services have been. If you prefer you may download and print out the form providing us with the information about your gift.

My mother was devoted to the Gibson Center. For years she drove for Meals on Wheels. Late in her life she still felt the Gibson Center was where she could serve others and not simply feel needy herself. This was her community home.

Memorials and Tributes


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Miles driven by our buses per year for our patrons' medical appointments, trips & more.21,000Meals On Wheels and Congregate Dinning Meals served per year.45,000Miles per year driven by Meals On Wheels volunteers.43,000Free laptops & Samsung tablets given away with 250 hours of computer skills training.55
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