COVID Virus and The Gibson Center

COVID-19 Update at the Gibson Center

The news is encouraging that vaccinations have begun for our hospital and other direct service medical providers. Soon to follow will be long-term care facility residents of Merriman House, Genesis (Mineral Springs) and the Mountainview Nursing Home.

Very importantly, no guard will be let down here for months to come. The Gibson Center, through the network of the MWV Age-Friendly Community, will be assisting the county-wide efforts at locating and staffing mobile vaccination clinics as soon as community supplies of vaccines are available. We emphasize with you all that not only are two injections required 21 days apart, but immunity is not fully established until another 3 weeks after that. Widespread community vaccination will be required before we can feel safe. We will be watching both the numbers of people vaccinated and the number of daily and weekly local cases to determine when we can open again. We are as eager as anyone to return to in person lunches and activities. Stay vigilant, stay safe and we will all be together again.

Marianne Jackson
Executive Director

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