COVID Virus and The Gibson Center

COVID-19 Update

I was hoping I could omit this column from the newsletter this month but the story continues. As I write this, the news is that the Delta variant is 1000 times more contagious than the original and though not as severe in its medical consequences, it is not benign to all. We are learning that because of that level of easy spread, asymptomatic vaccinated persons can spread the disease. Our guests and patrons have grandchildren who cannot be vaccinated. They play with friends and family who may or may not be protected. Summer travel has brought many visitors from around the country and many locals are travelling broadly, too.

On July 20, the Board of the Gibson made a unanimous decision to open the congregate dining room where masks will not be required for those seated at their tables. Otherwise, masks are required in all the indoor public spaces including the lobby, hallways, and activity room. While this may not be popular with everyone, we believe it is the most prudent approach that makes the largest number of our guests and staff able to eat, visit, learn, play and gather together. We will re-visit this in early September. Our best wishes to everyone both near and far.

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